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Hospice of Santa Cruz County

A space for passionate care

  • Location

    Scotts Valley, California

  • SQ FT

    8500 sq/ft


    21 days

  • Architect

    William C. Kemph

  • Designer

    L. Kershner Design

  • General Contractor

    Manning Development Inc.

Image Credit: Crystal Birns Photography

Over the last 30 years, these passionate caregivers have become the largest nonprofit hospice program in their region. A home to executives, support staff, and counsellors, this location is also a base for a large staff of nurses that work with patients in the field. Creating a calm, supportive space was essential for visitors and staff.

Looking for a more efficient and user-friendly office, they didn’t want to break the bank. Putting resources into patient care was top priority. Using ICE®, DIRTT's design integration software, they created a full 3D version of the space in advance allowing them to completely understand how it would look and feel.

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Project Includes:

Opening up the environment brightened the space with natural light while giving staff line of sight to the redwood trees outside. A new meeting room with embedded technology offered a perfect training area. Though the open concept was beautiful, it added acoustic challenges. Knowing the space would be used for grief counselling, speech privacy was key. Using heavily insulated DIRTT walls combined with sound masking helped them meet their acoustic goals by obscuring voices coming from other rooms. In the end, Hospice of Santa Cruz County checked everything off their wish list allowing them to focus on their work instead of thinking about space they were doing it in.



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