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Integrated Care Center

Adaptability, Cost Certainty, and Acoustics

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    Salem, New Hampshire

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    Creative Office Resources

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    Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Image Credit: Sam Knollmeyer, 1A Productions

With their new integrated care centers, this world-class health system is evolving and standardizing their approach to healthcare delivery. Their growth is reflected in the way they treat patients and the spaces they build to do it. Designing with intention, they created an entire floor of exam rooms situated to improve patient flow today and constructed to allow adaptability in the future.

On a micro level, using the DIRTT Construction System offers removable panels, granting quick access to the wall cavity. This reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance or adjustments. When their team realized moving the diagnostic board closer to the exam table would improve patient and staff experience, they were able to update in a matter of hours instead of days. And it was done without dust and noise disrupting the rest of the facility.  

On a macro level, using DIRTT sets them up for the future, supporting them no matter how the healthcare industry evolves. Wall assemblies between exam rooms can be removed to create a single procedure room. Or a wall can be added, dividing a space into two private telehealth or consult spaces.  

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Project Includes:

In addition to adaptability, this organization was looking for acoustic performance. Using a holistic approach, extra insulation added to DIRTT walls, combined with perimeter enhancements and sound masking ensured their high speech privacy needs were met. When acoustic experts performed tests on-site, they discovered 75% of DIRTT walls achieved the required performance, even without sound masking.  

DIRTT also provided schedule savings by delivering the exam-room floor four weeks ahead of time. This gave staff more time to manage furniture and equipment needs as they set up their new facility.



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