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Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute

Putting the patient experience first

  • Location

    Kansas City, Missouri

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    built Interior Construction

  • Architect

    Pulse Design Group

  • General Contractor

    JE Dunn Construction

When it comes to elective surgeries, the industry is competitive. Patients have so many options and they look for a healing environment with low infection rates. The doctors at Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute (KCOI) knew this when they planned to improve their patient-care spaces. They wanted a facility that was agile enough to expand patient care in the years to come. They also needed to continue caring for their current patients during renovation. Conventional construction couldn’t deliver that.

The design of an orthopedic institute is unique. Patients are more active than in a typical hospital. Spaces need to accommodate physiotherapy and since wheelchairs are common, surfaces need to be especially durable. All of the KCOI staff provided input into the design to meet these unique needs. And with DIRTT’s design integration software ICE®, they could use 3D renderings to see exactly how it would look when it was done. And they didn’t have to understand blueprints to do it.

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Project Includes:

During construction, dust and debris was kept at bay. It was so quick and quiet that patients weren’t disturbed. DIRTT builds with easy-to-clean materials that improve infection prevention and control. That means infection rates will stay incredibly low at the hospital. Which is exactly what patients are looking for. As one of the doctors put it, “by the time we looked at time savings and the lack of all the dust, you get something that was much nicer at a very similar price.”



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