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National Health Provider - Mankato Clinic

Reconfiguring two clinics into a single space to make a difference

  • Location

    Mankato, Minnesota

  • SQ FT



    14 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect


  • Designer

    Lauren Hart

  • General Contractor

    Timco Construction

Image Credit: Lindsay Nicole

This national health provider was exploring working out of a temporary space while they retrofitted one of their larger locations. One of the challenges this poses is knowing after using a space for 18 months, all the time, effort, and money that was invested gets ripped out and sent to the landfill. Mankato Clinic was looking for a better way. And they found DIRTT.

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Project Includes:

Using DIRTT to build out their temporary clinic with standardized exam rooms and nurse’s stations gave them a bright durable space to work. Then, once their original building was completed, DIRTT’s layered modularity allowed them to easily disassemble it until they needed it again. Two years down the road they had a need for two different clinics in separate parts of the state. Using the existing parts and pieces, they reused 80% of the assemblies to create those clinics. And they realized a six-figure savings doing it. Staff are thrilled with the new space, the organization thinks it looks fantastic, and using DIRTT supported their sustainability, schedule, and budget every step of the way.

I would say we probably saw a six-figure savings in Mankato.

Regional Senior Director of Operations

Mankato Clinic



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