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Spira Care Centers

Standardized spaces provide exceptional outcomes

  • Location

    Shawnee, Kansas

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    Helix Architecture

  • Designer

    Pulse Design Group

  • General Contractor

    Centric Construction

Image Credit: Michael Robinson

As insurance providers, Blue Cross Blue Shield were looking to optimize returns. Instead of a fee-for-service healthcare model, they explored a value-based approach that pays providers based on the quality of care and patient health outcomes. To support this, they made the strategic decision to create a brand of advanced primary medical care centers. This was the origin of Spira Care. By extending the business model to include primary care in addition to insurance offerings, Blue Cross Blue Shield could put the focus on improved quality leading to better patient experiences and reduced costs.

This decision came with two challenges: standardization and schedule. They needed to create a consistent experience to support the new brand. This would span many spaces, across multiple states. They also need to align construction cycles within their fiscal year. This created tight project timelines that were often less than two months. They knew DIRTT could deliver on both.

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Our construction systems are precision-manufactured in our factories, so it’s easy to replicate aesthetics, fit, and quality. That off-site approach also allows building interiors to be constructed at the same time the base building is being outfitted. During pre-construction, a schedule comparison showed that building a clinic conventionally would take 98 days. With DIRTT it would only take 54 days. That accelerated schedule allowed Blue Cross Blue Shield to hit their fiscal targets. It also brought them into a revenue generating position faster. With DIRTT, they created an exceptional patient experience to deliver the health outcomes they set out to achieve.

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Image Credit: Michael Robinson



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