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Springhill Medical Center — Labour + Delivery

Designed with input from nurses

  • Location

    Mobile, Alabama

Image Credit: Thigpen Photography, Inc.

When Springhill Medical Center was looking to refresh their 40-year-old labor and delivery unit, they knew what they wanted. A customized space that could remain open during construction. That’s what led them to look at prefabricated construction. What they found was most prefab forced them to choose between two options, neither of them what they wanted. But DIRTT doesn’t have limits, because it's more than prefab. Its precision manufactured off-site construction. It gave Springhill a fully customized system that let them upgrade the space without disrupting new moms and babies.

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Customization also encouraged collaboration. Nursing staff contributed to the design of the rooms and then explored the space in a 3D flythrough. They could see exactly what the rooms would look like and made changes right in the file to optimize functionality. The project was completed quickly, too. Eleven rooms with custom graphics, writable surfaces, and integrated technology were installed in just three weeks. When the Springhill team needed a special positive latch door, DIRTT designed one in 48 hours. The result is a ward that has improved recruitment for the hospital, increased their market share, and created a space that new moms compare to a boutique hotel.

It's such a calm and relaxing environment. It's wonderful for family coming to visit. You don't feel like you're in a hospital.

Khaki Jardine-Bender

Springhill Patient



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