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St. Louis Sinus Center

Designing an unparalleled patient experience

  • Location

    St. Louis, Missouri

  • SQ FT


  • Architect

    Gray Design Group

  • General Contractor

    ISC Contracting

Image Credit: Jeff Wellman Photography

A high-profile specialist spent two decades building a healthcare practice. This thoughtful approach to sinus and allergy care is a culmination of that experience. Going into construction they knew exactly what they wanted. Until they met the team at DIRTT. Their plan originally called for conventional construction with a few glass walls in the hallway. But for a facility that wanted something both aesthetically and physically clean, DIRTT was the better choice. It delivered in ways that conventional construction just couldn’t.

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Project Includes:

The high-gloss glass finishes brought a fresh look. Being easily cleanable increased infection prevention and control. And behind the scenes, DIRTT casework optimized the space for the best performance. Every drawer in the patient room was designed for a specific piece of medical equipment. Right down to ¹⁄₆₄ of an inch. Equipment was recessed into walls or hidden from view entirely. The client got a space that worked as good as it looked. And it inspired visiting doctors to try a similar design with their practice.



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