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The Newly Institute

Cutting-edge care with an elevated aesthetic

  • Location

    Calgary, Alberta

  • SQ FT



    4 weeks

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Contemporary Office Interiors (COI)

  • Designer

    Mackey Design Group Licensed Interior Design Inc.

  • General Contractor

    Leading Edge Developments

Image Credit: Phil Crozier, The Newly Institute, and Mackey Design Group

The Newly Institute uses cutting-edge therapeutic techniques to treat those suffering from mental health issues, trauma, and chronic pain. To support clients approaching treatment with a sense of vulnerability, The Newly wanted to provide education and create a sense of safety. Knowing this, the design team created a space that could take clients on a sensory journey through the use of color, light, and texture. Part of developing that soothing feeling was using DIRTT timber, fluted wall panels and reeded glass. The result was a space that offered a refined residential look while still delivering on performance.

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Project Includes:

Elevated aesthetics were key but being durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of a clinic ensured the longevity of the space. Improved acoustics were also a consideration given the confidential nature of the treatment. Using perimeter enhancements and back-to-back DIRTT solid walls contributed to the speech privacy they needed. Those same wall assemblies also offered enough cavity space to support a series of embedded displays in their education area. Using the DIRTT Construction System, The Newly Institute had a space that would welcome people on their healing journey and last well into the future.

It was wonderful that DIRTT was able to work with us to create the fluted paneling and various seams and textures we wanted without feeling overly patterned or tiring on the eye. The flexibility with modular panel sizing definitely worked in our favor on this project.


Clare Mackey, Principal, Mackey Design Group



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