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The Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute

Building a better headwall

  • Location

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • SQ FT



    2 Days

  • Architect

    HFG Architecture

  • General Contractor

    Rick Scott Construction

Image Credit: Interior Logistics

Hillcrest Medical Center was renovating The Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute. They employed a fast-track approach to add much-needed patient care rooms to meet the demands of the pandemic. Then, in the middle of building six state-of-the-art patient care rooms, the company slated to provide the headwalls went out of business. Hillcrest needed a way to keep this project on schedule.

That’s when they made a strategic pivot to DIRTT. Precision-manufactured, off-site construction allows our systems to be built in 21 days or less. And with medical gas lines and pre-wired power built into wall assemblies, installation is quick and easy. After an initial meeting, DIRTT’s authorized partner committed to a six-week timeline. Leveraging the power of prefabrication, the headwalls were delivered in only three weeks. Installation took just two days. DIRTT’s integrated wall systems didn’t just keep this project on track. It got them back to helping patients sooner than expected.

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Project Includes:

It was exactly what was expected. It fit well. We didn’t have to make any modifications. Within a few hours we were able to make the necessary connections to the electrical and med gas and (it) was ready to go.

Tyler Pyle

Project Manager, HFG Architecture



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