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The University of Kansas Health System - Corbin Park

A spa-like, retail-inspired space.

  • Location

    Overland Park, Kansas

  • SQ FT



    35 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    Pulse Design Group

  • Designer

    Pulse Design Group

  • General Contractor

    Newkirk Novak

Image Credit: Randy Braley Photography

A high-quality space to match high-quality care. That was what The University of Kansas Health Systems was looking to create with their new clinic. Of course, optimizing staff and patient flow was part of the design. But instead of building the same old healthcare space, they used DIRTT. The result? A spa-like, retail-inspired space creating a better customer experience.

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Project Includes:

A 14-foot graphic wall in the patient intake area. LED lighting strips embedded into veneer-finished walls. The Overland Park clinic was more than just a wash of hospital green. Writable surfaces in hallways and exam rooms showcase artwork that represents Kansas. It’s a visual reflection of their goal to keep care local. And because of DIRTT’s modular construction system, when the time comes for this rapidly growing organization to adapt the space, making that change will be quick, clean, and easy.

We were able to really create something that is one of a kind in our organization and hopefully starts to set the bar for how we really combine the world-class patient care with the world-class clinic and aesthetic feel.

Keith Sale

Physician Vice President for ambulatory services, University of Kansas Health System



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