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Valencia Endodontic Associates

No time to waste

  • Location

    Kansas City, Missouri

  • SQ FT



    5 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    Urban Prairie Architectural Collaborative

  • General Contractor


Image Credit: Bob Greenspan

In 2018, the team at Valencia Endodontic Associates were in a tight spot. They learned their lease wasn’t going to be renewed and had just three months to find a new home. By the time they found a space and got the architectural designs approved, they only had 60 days to get up and running. That would be a challenge for any construction project. When you factor in the added complexity of building a dental office, it seemed almost impossible. Almost.

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Project Includes:

Working with DIRTT provided the advantage needed to meet their aggressive schedule. Visualizing the space with our proprietary design platform ICE® assured them that they could get the clean, modern look they wanted. And because the information in ICE fed right to DIRTT factories, all the solutions were built in 21 days or less. Everything, from the DIRTT access floor to accommodate dental plumbing to the casework in the kitchen arrived on-site ready to install. Within five days, it was all in place. In the end, the team at Valencia got the space they needed. And it was operational four days ahead of schedule.

There is no way this project would have been completed on time with traditional construction.

Dr. Chad Wollard

Valencia Endodontic Associates



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