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Building better on full display

The DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in New York City needed a major transformation. To show off the latest DIRTT construction solutions we de decided to double our real estate in Midtown Manhattan’s NY Design Center. To elegantly demonstrate the endless possibilities of what DIRTT can create, everything needed to completely bespoke. After all, our DXCs are created with one goal in mind: to inspire.

Blending the edgy roots of NYC with a fresh, contemporary feel was the approach. Industrial touches compliment the warm, resimercial ambiance. Artistic influence is woven in with a gallery-style mix of finishes, graphics and color palettes. Stacked casework, various integrated tech applications, and a wide range of room types – from boardrooms to phone booths – fill this one-of-a-kind area. The result is a high-end environment with complete customization on display. Whether it's for a healthcare facility, office space or learning environment, every single corner is a charming look at the benefits of building better. Visitors can also get a behind-the-scenes look at our construction approach.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy elements in the space is the strategic use of Leaf Folding Walls®. With the DXC acting as a multi-purpose tour, event and gathering space, these folding walls allow the layout to be changed in a matter of seconds. It’s a testament to the adaptability of DIRTT and how powerful this solution can be to organizations with limited real estate.

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    Be Patient
  • Central Spark
  • Class Act
  • Edison
  • Happy Hour
  • Meet me at the Met
  • ADA compliant patient spaces
  • Rush Hour
  • Leaf Wall
  • Speak Easy
  • A private place to chat
  • Speedy Recovery
  • State of Mind
  • A window on the work
  • Break out or take five
  • The Hudson
  • Window seat

More under foot

The DIRTT Access Floor speeds up installation and manages cables. Long term, it keeps your infrastructure easily accessible for IT.


Better sound privacy

DIRTT takes a holistic approach to sound management. This means we can meet the acoustic requirements and speech privacy needs of any space.


Elevating elegance and performance

A bespoke ceiling can improve acoustic performance. They give you design freedom to bring elegance to your space.


Ultra thin and incredibly durable

Corning® Willow® Glass incorporates vibrant graphics into your space. Crystal clear glass makes them look great. It's impact resistant, plus you can write on or clean the surfaces.


Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.


Real estate and energy savings

Passive Optical Networks free up to 90% of the real estate typically dedicated to networks. Save energy while getting unlimited bandwidth to future-proof your space.


Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s quick-connect power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes. 


Timber for today

DIRTT Timber Frame combines traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology. It’s a truly sustainable solution.


The look of permanence

The Enzo™ system delivers a chic aesthetic with slim reveals. It gives a sense of permanence in a modular space.


Easy-to-clean walls

DIRTT’s healthcare optifiller encloses Enzo reveals between wall panels. It makes an easy-to-clean surface and improves infection prevention.


Latest tech in the walls

Cleanly integrate any type of technology and keep it secure. Maximize function and looks while you save space.


Redefine your space in a flash

Leaf™ gives any DIRTT wall the ability to open or close to reconfigure your spaces with ease. It works with new or already installed DIRTT.


Show your spirit

Integrate branding and reflect your culture with surfaces that are easy to customize.


Do more with your walls

WriteAway™ film combines a dry-erase marker board with your walls for an integrated and more elegant solution. Add graphics or inspire collaboration without unsightly ghosting.

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