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    Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Headquarters

    Making change easy

    • Location

      Durant, Oklahoma

    • SQ FT


    • DIRTT Construction Partner

      Interior Logistics

    • Designer

      Frankfurt Short Bruza

    • General Contractor

      Manhattan Construction Group

    Image Credit: Skyline Art

    In 2017, the Choctaw Nation set out to create a space that could act as a headquarters, bringing leadership, services, and extended programs under a single roof. Building out a half-million-square-foot facility, they knew what worked today might not meet their needs tomorrow. When change happened, it had to be quick and seamless. Using DIRTT gave them the adaptability they needed.

    By powering DIRTT walls with modular electrical and network systems, they were able to future proof the space. DIRTT’s fiber to the edge network gave them bandwidth high enough to support any device they wanted to integrate. Technology was embedded right into the wall with quick-connect electrical, saving time and space, and protecting devices. Since 2018, Choctaw Nation’s growth required more than 350 changes to the space. Because DIRTT is designed for disassembly, those changes could happen without ripping down the walls and starting from scratch. Most of those adjustments happened so quickly and without disruption, the people working in the space didn’t realize they even happened.

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    But functionality was only part of the story. The organization wanted a way to reflect their rich history throughout the space. Using veneer finishes brought an element of the natural world into the building. And custom graphics throughout the space showed off photography and artwork that spoke directly to those who use it.



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