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Nevada Army National Guard, Speedway Readiness Center

Durable, adaptable, and sustainable

  • Location

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • SQ FT



    6 weeks

  • Architect

    H+K Architects

  • General Contractor

    CORE Construction

Image Credit: Henriksen Butler

It’s important to be ready for anything. Just ask the Nevada Army National Guard. As they set out to build their new readiness center, they wanted versatility. This space would be helping locals with pandemic preparedness at the same time it coordinated logistics for remote islands in the Pacific. And they do that knowing that at any moment the building could become an emergency operation center. They needed meeting spaces, offices, classrooms, and assembly halls to serve the people that were serving Nevada.

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Project Includes:

Building with DIRTT ensured that this space would deliver exactly what this high-performance organization needed. Using durable thermofoil wall panels ensures the longevity of the space. Behind those walls is recycled denim insulation. As a bio-based material, it contributed to the building’s Leed Silver project certification. It also improved acoustical performance – critical for a military facility where confidential conversations require privacy. DIRTT systems are manufactured off-site for a precise fit and easy installation. The precision of our construction process ensures unparalleled fit and finish. And modular components allow for easy reconfiguration as the needs of the space change. So even while the team was thrilled with the look of their new space, they also knew it could adapt for them if it was required in the future. As we said, it’s important to be ready for anything.



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