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One Safe Place: The North County Family Justice Center

Providing support today and versatility for tomorrow

  • Location

    San Marcos, California

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Parron Hall Construct

  • Architect

    Safdie Rabines Architects

  • Designer

    FORE Studios

  • General Contractor

    HMC Construction

Image Credit: Auda & Auda Photography

One Safe Place (OSP) — The North County Family Justice Center — is a hub where people at risk and victims of crime can find a variety of resources all in one location. So, when the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office set out to build OSP, they knew it had to provide everything from legal assistance to medical support and be safe and welcoming at the same time. For that, they needed a versatile construction system to support them today and tomorrow.

To get all the services under one roof, OSP built a DIRTT Timber mezzanine adding 4,400 square feet of space. Adding that second level offered offices above, while creating a comforting space for clients below. Timber also provides a feeling of warmth, giving a sense of security to clients as they deal with their trauma. At the same time, graphics integrated onto DIRTT Solid Walls brighten the space, reinforce important messaging, and provide inspiration to visitors.

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Project Includes:

That’s what they needed to start. But after visiting similar facilities across the country, OSP also knew the client needs would always be changing. That meant the space would have to adapt with them. DIRTT’s modular assemblies allow OSP to evolve the space to support the people they serve. If they want to scale from three to five medical exam rooms, they can do it quickly, without the dusty mess of tearing down a wall. Using a smart construction system ensures that the team at One Safe Place can change lives today and long into the future.

We listened to the needs of the community and the beauty of DIRTT is that we can expand or contract based on what the community needs are.

Tracy Prior

Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney's Office



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