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Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Headquarters (AUPE)

Solving space challenges with a sustainable, adaptable construction system

  • Location

    Edmonton, Alberta

  • SQ FT



    3 months

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    Next Architecture

  • Designer

    Next Architecture

  • General Contractor

    Bird Construction

Image Credit: Christophe Bernard

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) set out to build a headquarters that could best serve all their members. Bringing 22 departments under one roof and providing ample meeting space for the membership was a key requirement. So was sustainability. AUPE stakeholders decided early on that the building should be, at minimum, LEED Silver certified. Working with DIRTT helped them achieve that goal. Using materials with low emitting properties to improve indoor air quality along with products that have high recycled content contributed to obtaining LEED credits.

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AUPE also wanted to ensure the space built today would serve them into the future. Members of the facilities team had lived through multiple renovations at previous locations. They knew tearing down old walls and putting up new ones wasn’t doing them any favors. Being able to reconfigure existing walls was practical and contributed to the building’s sustainability. Today, DIRTT glass walls allow natural light to filter through the space and offer a powerful sense of connection to the teams on-site. Tomorrow, DIRTT’s modular assemblies will allow AUPE to quickly and cleanly adapt as the needs of their members change.

Explore the AUPE headquarters in this microtour and learn about some of the green building benefits provided by DIRTT.

What was promised in the original conversations was what was delivered. There were no surprises. There were no deficiencies. We were told it was a clean, efficient system and it went in as promised.”

Michael Moskaluk

Manager of Facilities and Infrastructure, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

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