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    AOS Interior Environments

    Creating connections in the office and the community

    • Location

      New Orleans, Louisiana

    • SQ FT



      42 days

    • DIRTT Construction Partner

      AOS Interior Environments

    • Architect

      Eskew Dumez Ripple / VergesRome Architects

    • General Contractor

      Kent Design + Build

    Image Credit: Neil Alexander

    It’s hard to work as a team when you can’t be together. AOS Interior Environments had grown so much that their accounting department had moved into a different part of the building. So, when the law firm next door moved out, AOS was ready to move in. They knocked down the wall and took over an extra 4,000 square feet.

    AOS knows the benefits of prefab construction. They’re an interior solutions company and powerhouse DIRTT partner in New Orleans. They could build out the space to its full potential in a fraction of the time. And using DIRTT would keep 7,700 pounds of drywall out of the landfill.

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    Project Includes:

    First, they set up the law office as a temp space as they renovated their old home. It was a tight squeeze for the team, but off-site construction cut the schedule in half. Heck, the timber frame structure went up in only 30 minutes. This allowed them to get back to regular business in only six weeks.

    Now, the office is brighter thanks to natural light and open spaces. The team is collaborating in their new java center, which is the heart of AOS. The office is also a focal point for other city groups. The design community uses the VR station and resource library. Nonprofit organizations host meetings and receptions. Museums hold openings to capitalize on the spectacular view. The AOS DIRTT Experience Center is a home to staff that connects seamlessly with clients and the greater community.

    Take a virtual tour of AOS Interior Environments here.



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