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APEL Extrusions

An agile space built to last

  • Location

    Coburg, Oregon

  • SQ FT



    10 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    PIVOT Architecture

  • General Contractor

    Chambers Construction Co.

Image Credit: Sally Painter

Back in 2014, APEL Extrusions built out their space. They had what they wanted. Office space, meeting rooms and break-out areas for their 80 employees on the first floor of the building. But things changed. They grew, both in business and headcount. By 2018, the space they had wasn’t big enough. Luckily, they built with DIRTT.

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Project includes:

Our modular construction system is designed for disassembly, which means you can easily take it apart and reconfigure it. APEL decided to move their offices to the second floor of the building to dedicate the main floor to their manufacturing operation. ICE, DIRTT’s proprietary software that helped build the original space, also helped in the reconfiguration. Turns out, 98% of the DIRTT from 2014 could be reused upstairs. After finalizing a new layout, it only took three days to disassemble the offices. No drywall demolition. No dust. No disruption. APEL was able to keep working. One week later the DIRTT assemblies were installed upstairs, and it was back to business as usual thanks to quick, clean construction. And with DIRTT’s adaptive reuse, APEL prevented 22,565 pounds of construction waste from going to the landfill.

Lear more about APEL's reconfiguration here.



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