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Avison Young

Efficient construction for an efficient space

  • Location

    Edmonton, Alberta

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Designer

    Siebenga Interior Design Consultants Inc.

  • General Contractor


Image Credit: Kareywood Photography

When one of the most influential real estate brokers in Canada experienced double-digit growth, they knew they had to maximize their space. They were upsizing from 50 to 90 employees, but only increasing from 15,000 to 17,000 square feet. Almost double the occupancy with only 15% more space. That was going to take some next-level design and a little bit of DIRTT.

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Project Includes:

Avison Young were looking for efficiency. Not only in the approach to construction, but in how they utilized space. Their new home, 21 floors above downtown Edmonton, was designed with a mix of assigned and unassigned seating. Glass walls and high ceilings let the light in and give it an expansive feel. In this open space, everyone is untethered, working in the way that suits them best. Fewer offices, sure, but more touchdown spaces throughout. There are meeting rooms and offices for teams that need privacy, but more often than not, the wide-open space encourages collaboration and trust. That’s why the Leaf Folding Wall® that frames the boardroom, spends more time open than it does closed. The result is an environment that boosts social connection and productivity. And thanks to DIRTT’S approach to industrialized construction, it was completed quickly and cleanly.

The speed was really astonishing. It was pretty mind-blowing to me to see the speed of which the space was built out.

Cory Wosnack

Principal & Managing Director, Avison Young



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