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    Bakers Row

    Sleek office space in a heritage building

    • Location

      Birmingham, Alabama

    • SQ FT


    • Architect

      KPS Group

    • General Contractor

      Murray Building Co.

    Image Credit: Mason Fischer

    Updating a historical building is all about balance. The Corporate Realty and Economic Development Partnership of Alabama had an old bakery that dated back to the 1930s. They wanted to renovate the space and maintain the integrity of the structure. In order to preserve the past, they used a forward-thinking method of construction.

    Using DIRTT’s modular systems meant they could maintain character features like angled sawtooth windows and ceilings throughout the building. So, while the aged outlines of tools painted onto the walls of the factory endure, the workplace has leaped into the 21st century. The end result is a high performing space that doesn’t sacrifice the artistic character of the building.

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    Project Includes:

    Bakers Row has kept its industrial feel... making it an ideal creative workspace.

    KPS Group

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