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Canadian Financial Company

Supporting smart spaces with future-proof construction

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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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    Omicron Design and Construction

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    Omicron Design and Construction

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    Omicron Design and Construction

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When this leading financial services company was redesigning their office, aesthetics were key. But they needed more than clean lines and light finishes. Their plan looked into the future to meet their changing needs. Could they increase the size of their standard 10-foot by 10-foot office? Could they take a larger room and create something with a smaller footprint? With DIRTT modular wall assemblies, the answer is yes.

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Their other challenge? Limited space in the plenum. Without room for cable trays in the ceiling, they needed a compact power and data solution. Using DIRTT’s quick-connect electrical and modular fiber to the edge network gave them just what they needed. More than 750 data drops on three floors of offices could be handled by compact modular fiber optic cable. With a longer reach, all the fiber could be run from a single data closet, opening up more floor space for storage. Like the DIRTT Walls, modular fiber delivers adaptability for the future and paired seamlessly with the building’s LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certification. It also offered more than $96,000 savings over a copper network making good financial sense today and tomorrow.




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    Your agile DIRTT space is built to evolve with you. DIRTT components embrace change for a future-friendly space.

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