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Clariant Customer Care Innovation Center

A space that offers real chemistry to employees and clients

  • Location

    New Providence, New Jersey

  • SQ FT



    31 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    Jarmel Kizel

  • General Contractor

    Unity Construction

As a specialty chemical company, Clariant is an important player in the world of aviation, cosmetics, healthcare, and textiles. When they wanted to build an innovation center close to New York City, sustainability was the catalyst for change. That led them to DIRTT. Using off-site manufacturing diverted more than 9,000 pounds of construction waste from the landfill. And sustainability was just the start.

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Project Includes:

It didn’t take long before Clariant was able to tap into all the benefits of prefabricated construction. With a conventional build, getting the walls up was going to take more than two months. That was time that Clariant didn’t have. Thanks to a speedy install — and exceptional teamwork among the client, the architect, the partner and DIRTT — the walls went up in only five weeks.

But Clariant needed more than a new space fast. They wanted to wow. The innovation center had to be a place employees and customers wanted to be. And with DIRTT it was. Stunning wall graphics tell Clariant’s story throughout. In the lobby, in the hallway, and in the lab. Designers even incorporated graphics into a one-of-a-kind Breathe® Wall. Casework brings functional elegance to the salon area and the analytical lab. Colored glass personalizes the huddle rooms. And switch glass brings privacy to the demonstration area when needed. Clariant wanted the perfect work environment. And based on employee reaction, they got it.

People love it and feel proud to host customers there.

Anita McGlaun

Project Manager, CLARIANT



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