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Fabulous form and function

  • Location

    Norwalk, Connecticut

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Creative Office Resources

  • Architect

    Perkins Eastman

  • Designer

    Perkins Eastman

  • General Contractor

    Gilbane Building Co

Image Credit: Copyright Andrew Rugge. Courtesy Perkins Eastman

Creating a workplace with variety of flexible neighborhoods, FactSet wanted a way to define their space. Using custom colors across five floors of their headquarters offered a unique sense of place. But no matter what work was going on, this data and analytics company knew that supportive technology would be key. With meeting rooms equipped with teleconferencing solutions and close to 140 video walls, there was no shortage of audiovisual needs on the project.

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Project Includes:

Using the DIRTT Construction System allowed them to leverage the inside of the wall cavity, containing and protecting infrastructure. From quick-connect electrical to displays and camera mounts, DIRTT conceals them all, and saves space. Durable, custom-routed MDF wall panels protect the equipment while allowing an unobstructed view of the screens, reducing glare. These precision cut outs offer an elegant, tailored aesthetic to conceal basic mounting hardware. If video collaboration systems need to be maintained or upgraded, wall panels can be quickly removed for that work without dust or drywall. Touch-latch casework doors open in a flash, giving AV vendors an easy space to work through the face of the panel. Large meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and collaboration areas all support the FactSet team in a space that took home the 2020 AIA Connecticut Business Architecture Award of Excellence.



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