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Frost Tower

A brighter banking experience

  • Location

    San Antonio, Texas

  • SQ FT



    5 Months

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    AWC Construction Services

  • Architect

    Marmon Mok Architecture / McKinney York

  • General Contractor


If you’re in Texas, you know Frost Bank. They’ve been building relationships and managing assets since 1868. Now, they’re more than a hundred branches strong across South Texas. Frost HQ was in a big, brutalist building in the heart of San Antonio, but it was time to evolve. The company had a chance to build a new space that could take them and their clients into the future.

The new Frost Tower is a glass structure that stands out on the San Antonio skyline. The team wanted to maximize the view and allow natural light to find its way to everyone in the tower. That meant using glass and building around the core of the building. Whether you were in an office, a meeting room, or the café area, you felt connected to the outside world.

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Project Includes:

Building out 15 floors of a one-of-a-kind building is never easy, but Frost had the added challenge of tight turn around. The lease on their old building was up and the clock was ticking. Using DIRTT meant that pre-fabricated elements moved seamlessly into place. And in a fraction of the time of conventional construction.

But it wasn’t just Frost employees who benefited from the space. Customers use the main-floor branch of Frost Bank all the time. With bespoke ceilings and DIRTT wall panels, the custom look is unique but consistent with the other Frost branches, making customers feel right at home. They may never even notice the hidden millwork that the staff use every day. But they will notice people who like to come to work thanks to a beautiful and functional design.



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