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Google Crossman

A people-first workplace with the comforts of home

  • Location

    Sunnyvale, California

  • SQ FT



    3 Months

  • Architect

    SERA Architects

  • General Contractor

    XL Construction

Image Credit: Marco Zecchin, Google

As a leading tech giant looking to attract and retain the brightest talent from across the globe, Google’s Crossman space had to set them apart. They designed it to be human. A captivating environment that embodied the welcoming qualities of home life. This was a destination employees would embrace every day.

To do this, Google included DIRTT in the process from day one. By collaborating on design, schedule, and budget early, DIRTT could meet their quick timelines. It also ensured that we could develop custom components to fit the architect’s design intent. Integrating those solutions seamlessly with the other elements of the space was critical to creating a cohesive look.

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Project Includes:

With a focus on sustainability, Google's Crossman space establishes the tone for their workspaces moving forward, making lean construction the standard. DIRTT solutions will allow Google to evolve this space over time, with less impact on the planet. Flexible, quick-connect power ensures when changes come, the space can easily shift to stay functional. From beautiful free-standing room pods and acoustically sound spaces to eye-catching DIRTT Timber canopies, this is a dynamic workspace where teams can thrive.

It’s not just getting love from the people that use it. The building has been recognized by the design and construction industry too. It was one of ENR California's Best Projects 2019 receiving their Agri-Industrial Tech Campus Renovation: Interiors/Tenant Improvement award.



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