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GWL Realty Advisors – First and Jasper

Increasing Creativity and Collaboration

  • Location

    Edmonton, Alberta


    13 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Designer

    Lori Cox Design, Inc.

  • General Contractor

    Emcee Construction & Management Ltd.

Image Credit: Leah Rae Photography

GWL Realty Advisors was reassessing their First and Jasper location. The building had great bones and a great location, but several of their leases were expiring. To stay competitive and encourage tenant acquisition and retention, they wanted to turn their lobby into an amenity space. Something that offered modern design, the comforts of home, and that could create an experience for their tenants. When their designer looked at GWL’s needs, she recommended DIRTT.

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Project Includes:

Armed with GWL’s guidelines, she knew that DIRTT would offer the design freedom she needed to achieve their aesthetics goals. A variety of substrates, materials, and finishes meant Walls, Timber, and Casework would all have a consistent look. With an eye towards sustainability, DIRTT could offer a construction system with reduced waste, less carbon impact, and adaptability for the future.

Turning lobby from a pass-through space to hub where people wanted to gather required variety. Tech-enabled huddle rooms, a casework-focused java station, and large meeting areas. Using a Leaf Folding Wall® gave the space flexibility to adapt depending on whether there was a small group get-together, of a lobby-wide party.

Ultimately, DIRTT was able to check all boxes for the designer. And for GWL, the space helped secure more tenants who loved the look and amenities the space provided. With a property that encourages users to come together, GWL didn’t just upgrade their lobby, they built a community.

A lot of people have said that the quality of the amenity area is equivalent to going to a five-star resort-spa.

Angela Wu-Kemp

Senior Leasing Manager, GWL Realty Advisors



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