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Hancock Whitney Center

Long history. Short schedule.

  • Location

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • SQ FT



    3 Months

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    AOS Interior Environments

  • Architect

    Mathes Brierre Architects

  • General Contractor

    King Company

Image Credit: Sara Essex Bradley Photography

The oldest continually operating bank in New Orleans was looking for the next chapter in its story. Having outgrown their historic home, they were ready to level up, literally. Taking over 10 floors in the tallest building in the Big Easy gave them what they were looking for. Naming rights, natural light and almost a quarter million square feet of space. But moving into their new home came with a tight schedule. To make this renovation work, they needed to cut conventional construction times in half. The manufactured interior solution ramped up the install speed, ensuring that the bank could get out of its lease on time.

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Project Includes:

This project was also good for the environment. It alone kept 143 thousand pounds of drywall out of the landfill. Inside the bank, the new space offered an instant return on investment. The fresh look made it easier to recruit new talent. Teams that were spread out over several floors were now working together. And then there’s DIRTT’s flexibility. Even with a long-term lease, the ability to reconfigure any of the office spaces gave the client peace of mind.

It's an opportunity to do something on budget, on time with quality that can showcase not only what the bank can do for our customers, but what it can do for our employees.

Steve Barnett

Director of Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management, Hancock Whitney Bank



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