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LCMC Health Headquarters

Supporting a brand with an efficient construction system

  • Location

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • SQ FT



    21 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


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Image Credit: ©2021 Neil Alexander

When LCMC Health found a new home for their corporate headquarters, they only had eight months to design and construct the space. Despite the short timeline, they didn’t want to compromise on fit, finish, or functionality. To bring their team together under one roof and create a space that supported their brand, LCMC Health turned to the DIRTT Construction System.

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Project Includes:

Their new home in downtown New Orleans is 24 floors up in a uniquely shaped skyscraper. DIRTT’s factory-built components allowed for base building integration with a high level of precision. And because DIRTT is manufactured off-site, it helped accelerate timelines. Customized modular walls and casework arrived on the job site, ready for quick installation.

Aesthetically, the space allowed LCMC Health to reflect their culture of wellness. It has spaces designed for team members to decompress, uses glass walls to maximize natural light, and offers warm wood tones to evoke the outdoors. DIRTT contributed to their sustainability goals, too, by using materials with a high percentage of recycled material and preventing more than 12,000 pounds of drywall from entering the landfill. And since DIRTT can adapt easily, when LCMC Health wanted to convert a conference room into two separate offices, the change was quick, clean, and easy.

Going into this project, we knew we had to keep to budget and meet a challenging schedule. DIRTT helped us manage both by providing cost certainty on their scope and working efficiently to build out the space.

Kristin Henry

Interior Designer, EskewDumezRipple



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