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Minto Headquarters

A space that makes a statement

  • Location

    Ottawa, Ontario

  • SQ FT



    42 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


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Image Credit: Kevin Belanger

As a green homebuilder with a 65-year history, Minto is no stranger to building better spaces to live, work, and play. When they planned a major renovation to their Ottawa headquarters, they needed a space that could be built sustainably, support collaboration, and create a healthier, vibrant atmosphere.

Minto had built a DIRTT timber frame structure in their Toronto office, where it quickly became an office hot spot. In the Ottawa location, four timber structures offered a natural warmth and a calm comfortable vibe. It also solved a design challenge. With four large existing skylights in the building, the timber created collaborative touchdown spaces with a canopy to manage the glare caused by existing light.

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Project Includes:

In addition to the timber, DIRTT offered the fit, finish, and attention to detail the project designer was looking for. Whether is it was embedding technology in the wall for a clean (and easy-to-clean) aesthetic or incorporating custom graphics to showcase Minto’s history, DIRTT could deliver. The Minto Office isn’t a one-size-fits-all space. By leveraging our approach to construction, Minto incorporated residential design touches, created spaces that support diversity, and used prefabricated elements to streamline installation without sacrificing quality.

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Regardless of the locality of the project, DIRTT is a predictable, reliable, high-quality product. There is such a degree of design control possible, it meant that we were able to match door, wall, and casework finishes with furniture and other elements.

Susan Brewster

Designer, Places&Spaces



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