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    NorthRiver Midstream

    Working together and setting themselves apart

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      Calgary, Alberta

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      ELEMENT Integrated Workplace Solutions

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    Image Credit: Latitude Photography

    NorthRiver Midstream is an energy infrastructure company that prides themselves on innovation. When they needed to expand their corporate headquarters, they wanted a space that reflected that. It had to be meaningful for those in the space. It had to echo their corporate culture. And it had to be done on time. That’s where DIRTT came in.

    The goal was a modern environment that looked clean without being clinical. Knowing that NorthRiver had teams working in the evergreen forests of the north, they leveraged DIRTT’s Timber solutions. Timber brings the outside world in and reflects the places where NorthRiver lives and breathes. The warmth of the wood is a focal point for the office that keeps the aesthetic from being too sterile or stark.

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    NorthRiver isn’t big on hierarchy. Their C-suite sits at the same desks as everyone else. They believe in being transparent. So, they gave all their boardrooms glass walls so they could live their values every day. And to keep things open, they used a Leaf™ wall in their bistro area. This solution gives them the flexibility they need with a team of 200. Close the wall for a small group. Open it up in a matter of seconds for a town hall. The end result? A space that gets people working together while setting NorthRiver Midstream apart.

    Customers consistently rave about the beautiful timber beams that frame the space. They provide a stunning accent among the other finishes surrounding them.

    Brandy Taylor

    Office and Facilities Manager, NorthRiver Midstream



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