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Secure Energy

Creative collision

  • Location

    Calgary, Alberta

  • SQ FT



    25 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Contemporary Office Interiors (COI)

  • Architect

    Jerilyn Wright & Associates

  • General Contractor

    Lignum Interiors

Image Credit: Latitude Photography

A place to collaborate. That was top of the list for the team at Secure Energy when they were looking to refresh their space. Yes, they wanted something modern, clean, and sustainable, but they also wanted to create an environment that encouraged creative collisions. Those moments when chance meetings turn into something special.

To do it they used DIRTT to create several flex spaces. Writable surfaces allowed teams inside to be productive. Glass walls provide transparency on their initiatives and that visibility encourages collaboration. So does the integrated technology installed throughout the space. Connecting with remote partners becomes that much easier.

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Project includes:

Secure Energy wanted a space that could evolve with them. A workplace that could grow without changing their footprint. DIRTT’s modular approach to construction allows for that. If they want to turn an office into a meeting room they can. And they can do it quickly without the mess that comes with conventional construction. In fact, they took advantage of that flexibility right away. Just after the space was built, team members discovered they needed more room to write. A wall panel in Secure’s custom blue was quickly swapped out for a writable surface. They got what they needed and got back to work.

We’re really enjoying the flexibility and the possibility our new space holds. We can continue to evolve as a business and we know our space will adapt with us. It still feels like there’s so much potential.

Jennifer Smith

Director, Learning & Culture, Secure Energy



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