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Siskinds Law Firm

Sleek modern elegance

  • Location

    London, Ontario

  • SQ FT



    6 Months

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Verto 360

  • Architect

    HOK Architects

  • Designer

    Ollie Agency

  • General Contractor

    Govan Brown

Image Credit: Kendra Wilson

The team at Siskinds didn’t want to build just another law office. They wanted a sustainable space that supported collaboration and different work styles. They also wanted a cohesive design that would impress visitors and attract new talent to the firm. With an eye on natural materials, the project designer incorporated veneer on DIRTT wall panels for timeless look. And Inspire™ Glass Walls offered a low-profile base that delivered sleek lines while offering a fully modular solution. The resulting fit and finish gave Siskinds exactly what they were looking for aesthetically, managed their crucial sound privacy needs, and prevented more than 18,000 pounds of drywall from entering the landfill. 

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Project Includes:

But that’s only part of the story. Using DIRTT’s modular construction system gives Siskinds the ability to easily adapt in the future without creating as much waste. Whether they’re upgrading technology or reconfiguring offices, DIRTT allows them to maintain the space to be as functional as it is beautiful.  

Once we moved into this space, we have flexibility with regards to changing offices, making them bigger, changing the configuration. That to me was the most important factor.

Brian J. MacDonald

Chief Operations Officer, Siskinds



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