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Tech Company's Detroit Office

A humanized workspace for people to flourish

  • Location

    Detroit, Michigan

  • SQ FT


  • Architect

    Neumann/Smith Architecture

  • Designer

    Jamie Nayer

  • General Contractor

    Turner Construction

Image Credit: John D’Angelo

This tech giant recognizes that people are their biggest asset. They wanted to channel this core value when building out their new office space in Detroit. This meant crafting a space that was comfortable and empowering for employees and clients alike. To achieve this, their design has a residential and hospitality influence. Home-style communal kitchens. Boardrooms that resemble living rooms. Custom hidden bookcases. These types of elements humanize their workspace, helping people connect with one another.

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Project Includes:

The company was looking for a variety of spaces, from collaboration areas and training rooms to workstations and casual seating. They also wanted a mixture of finishes to make the aesthetic modern yet industrial. This type of customization is what made DIRTT a perfect fit for them. Custom graphics showcase Detroit’s history. Writable surfaces promote creative thinking and collaboration. DIRTT quick-connect power provides the flexibility needed to keep up with their fast-paced innovation.



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