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The Calgary DIRTT Experience Center (DXC)

See inside our prototype playground

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    Calgary, Alberta

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    DIRTT Internal Design

Image Credit: Latitude Photography

This DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) is a bit of a Swiss Army knife. It acts as our headquarters, providing a variety of workspaces for Calgary-based team members. It’s a hospitality center for visitors who travel here to dig deeper into what we do. And it’s also a space where we get to field test our new ideas, finding new and thoughtful ways to use our products. It’s a bit of a prototype playground where those three purposes of space intersect and interact.

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Project Includes:

So, while project managers and accountants are hard at work upstairs at workstations made with low DIRTT walls, our in-house construction team is busy downstairs. One day they’re building sculptural timber frames that support glass wall offices. The next they’re finding ways to make integrated technology more versatile. As these spaces continue to evolve thanks to an adaptable construction system, guests to the DXC get a hands-on, up-close look at how they can build their own dynamic spaces. From a casework cabinet with a sliding display, to a microcosm of healthcare solutions, to a single wall that showcases an array of reveals and integrated LEDs, these vignettes inspire our guests to bring to their own visions into reality. One space. Three purposes. Infinite possibilities.


Our space has big personality.

Laura Telfer




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