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The New York DIRTT Experience Center

Building better on full display

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    New York, New York

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    DIRTT Internal Design

The DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in New York City needed a major transformation. To show off the latest DIRTT construction solutions we de decided to double our real estate in Midtown Manhattan’s NY Design Center. To elegantly demonstrate the endless possibilities of what DIRTT can create, everything needed to completely bespoke. After all, our DXCs are created with one goal in mind: to inspire.

Blending the edgy roots of NYC with a fresh, contemporary feel was the approach. Industrial touches compliment the warm, resimercial ambiance. Artistic influence is woven in with a gallery-style mix of finishes, graphics and color palettes. Stacked casework, various integrated tech applications, and a wide range of room types – from boardrooms to phone booths – fill this one-of-a-kind area. The result is a high-end environment with complete customization on display. Whether it's for a healthcare facility, office space or learning environment, every single corner is a charming look at the benefits of building better. Visitors can also get a behind-the-scenes look at our construction approach.

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Project Includes:

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy elements in the space is the strategic use of Leaf Folding Walls®. With the DXC acting as a multi-purpose tour, event and gathering space, these folding walls allow the layout to be changed in a matter of seconds. It’s a testament to the adaptability of DIRTT and how powerful this solution can be to organizations with limited real estate.

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