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A high-tech space with a high-end look

  • Location

    Syracuse, New York

  • SQ FT



    35 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Sedgwick Business Interiors

  • Designer

    QPK Design, LLP

  • General Contractor


Image Credit: Revette Studio

As a real estate development company, Widewaters knows the importance of high-end aesthetics, functional spaces, and forward-thinking design. Given their focus on hospitality clients, they wanted their new office to be a showstopper. Moving from a traditional, segmented space to a more open environment would promote collaboration, support their brand, and look fantastic while doing it.

At the top of their “want” list was a conference room that could connect their team across the country. A “war room” they called it. A place where a massive video wall would support day-long planning sessions. Leveraging the versatility of DIRTT walls, they paired integrated, quick-connect power with four 65-inch displays to ensure everyone could easily see the screen. The result was a versatile room that could handle all their teleconferencing needs.

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Project includes:

Connectivity improves workflow and collaboration throughout the rest of the office as well. Huddle spaces use displays to share information and engage remote team members. Writable surfaces on those tech walls make the space even more interactive. The same is true in the boardroom and private offices. Integrating the display in a stacked glass wall offers partial privacy while still allowing natural light filter throughout the space. With 31 media walls, including multiple two-by-two displays, Widewaters stays connected in more ways than one.



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