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West Hills Primary School

A better building in record time

  • Location

    Kittanning, Pennsylvania

  • SQ FT



    5 weeks

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


  • Architect

    IKM Architecture

  • Designer

    IKM Architecture

  • General Contractor

    Moret Construction Company

Image Credit: Puskaric Huang Photography

West Hills Primary School had been an open-concept learning environment since the ‘70s. Over the decades, it became clear the acoustics in the space didn’t make it easy for kids to learn. When it was time to upgrade the school’s mechanical systems, they toyed with the idea of a full renovation to create distinct classrooms. The challenge: they didn’t want a long school shutdown to impact the students. And there was no way they could complete that amount of construction in just one summer. Or could they?

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Project Includes:

IKM Architecture suggested the DIRTT Construction System as a solution. With modular wall assemblies and casework being precision manufactured off-site, the interior architecture could be built while the site was still being prepped. Contractors started work at West Hills in early June. At the same time, durable wall assemblies were coming together at the DIRTT factory. Electrical infrastructure is built in to DIRTT Solid Walls prior to delivery, saving valuable time on-site. And once the floors and ceilings were completed at the school, the DIRTT walls and casework could be quickly tipped into place. In just three months, West Hills got 28 new classrooms and the district got an updated admin office. The result was a bright new space that met their acoustic needs and increased the safety and security aspects of the classroom environment. All completed in time for the start of school in September.  

Take a quick tour and watch the video below. If you want to take a deeper dive, check out the full case study.


The main reason we chose DIRTT was to get things done on time and not to have to do this over multiple summers, and DIRTT was the main reason we were able to accomplish that. To be honest with all my years of projects, I've never seen a project go as smooth as this."

Sam Kirk

Director of Finance and Operations, Armstrong School District



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