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Bell Bank Arrowhead

Using a comprehensive construction system to create a consistent look

  • Location

    Peoria, Arizona

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Smartt Interior Construction

  • Architect

    Mittelstaedt Cooper & Associates Ltd. and T.L. Stroh Architects Ltd.

  • Designer

    T.L. Stroh Architects Ltd.

  • General Contractor

    Alexander Building Company Inc.

Image Credit: Amdak Productions

As a family-and-employee-owned bank based in North Dakota, Bell Bank was looking to grow. As they expand into markets across North America, Bell wanted a consistent customer experience in all their locations. Having worked with DIRTT in the past, Bell understood how our construction system could give them what they needed.

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Project Includes:

Working with a centralized DIRTT Construction Partner means Bell has a consistent team who understands their needs throughout the design process no matter who the local architect is. Our approach to industrialized construction means the interiors for Bell Bank’s Arizona location could be built off-site in our factory and shipped to site for a fast installation. And once in the space, Bell could see the benefits of DIRTT’s multi-trade system. As a single source for several project elements, DIRTT could deliver a consistent look. The veneer that wraps the casework, is the same veneer that wraps doors and the low walls at the teller station. But the consistency doesn’t stop when customers leave the space. Working with DIRTT across their real estate portfolio ensures that Bell Bank customers get a unified look, no matter which branch they visit.



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