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Chicago DIRTT Experience Center

Explore the details that spark your imagination


Coming soon to the DIRTT Construction System.

  • Our Telescoping Wall makes any space flexible.


Refining our solutions to fine tune your vision.

  • This low-acuity treatment area increases capacity and efficiency without compromising the patient experience.

  • We're getting low with the profile of this double pane glass.

  • Get the finished look you want and the protective finish you need with our non-combustible MgO panels.

  • Increase infection and prevention without compromising your access and ability to adapt.

  • A new finish option to support sustainability and reduce PVC in healthcare spaces.


The building blocks to building better.

  • Customize your walls and define your space.

  • Get the most out of your space with a deeper wall cavity.

  • Get modular low-profile glass walls that deliver on aesthetics and adaptability.

  • Take the edge off with a curved glass elevation that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the DIRTT Construction System.

  • Create flexible spaces that can change in a matter of seconds.

  • An efficient, adaptable approach to healthcare construction.

  • Cabinets, closets, and storage solutions with consistent quality and efficient installation.

  • Explore the possibilities of DIRTT's Timber Frame.

  • A powerful approach to connected infrastructure.

  • Quick-connect cabling with long-term connectivity.

  • An adaptable foundation for connected infrastructure.


Powerful compatibility empowers your design.

  • Make meetings more meaningful with integrated conferencing solutions.

  • Applied finishes support your aesthetic.

  • Finishes for added functionality.

  • A holistic approach to acoustics for the real world.

  • Customize your design. Choose from our existing collection, or make it uniquely yours.


Integrating third-party solutions with the DIRTT Construction System

  • Ceilings designed to tackle noise and enhance aesthetics in your commercial space.

  • Seamlessly integrate a wide range of video tools into your space.

  • Building inspiring LED experiences end-to-end.

  • Linear lighting with endless possibilities.

  • Innovative safety products.

  • Touch enable your DIRTT media walls.


Explore real-world applications of DIRTT.

  • Improving healthcare using industrialized construction.

  • Breathing new life into an existing campus building.

  • A space that offers real chemistry to employees and clients.

  • Low-profile, high-end aesthetic.

  • Building a better hospital.

  • Ready for today. Planning for the future.

  • Providing support today and versatility for tomorrow.

  • A better building in record time.


Design and construction perspectives to inspire and inform.

  • Smart buildings are connected ecosystems of efficiency that can improve operations and sustainability.


Use these designs to inspire your vision.

  • For focus time, phone calls, or finding quiet inspiration.

  • Build a better bathroom with natural elements to foster a sense of well-being.

  • Elevate an office by adding a display in a parametric casework enclosure.

  • This low-acuity treatment area increases capacity and efficiency without compromising the patient experience.

* Innovations require longer than standard lead times to build.

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